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of Kinderdance. The familiar faces and very personal feel of Kinderdance was just what my daughter needed. Over the past three years Anna has become more confident and less shy during her recitals. We love the informal feel of the Year End Demonstration. The kids seem to be more at ease and loved earning their trophies.“

and we are looking forward to next year. I especially loved watching her develop her coordination skills, confidence and working with a group. Thank you!“

learned basic skills like skipping, galloping, jumping, balancing and hand-eye coordination. The entire program is wonderful, we love Miss Elizabeth. She is energetic, playful and incredibly respectful and loving to the children. Both of my children did Kinderdance and Kindergym for two years and absolutely loved it and Miss Elizabeth.“

everything about his Kindermotion program. Miss Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher; she really loves teaching the kids! It is a wonderful program, thank you.“

all of her lessons with Miss Elizabeth. She loves to practice her dance steps especially ballet at home often in front of a mirror. It has been a wonderful experience for our family and has helped her to build self-confidence as well. We just want to thank Miss Elizabeth for being such a great teacher and mentor.“

the availability of class during the day/school our daughter really loved Tuesday her ‘dance class day!’“

and would wake up every morning and ask, ‘Do I have Kindergym today?’ I think it’s a wonderful program with such kind, nurturing teachers and having it available at preschool is a huge bonus!“

that I can guarantee my daughter will be happy in the morning and ready to start her day at preschool. Thank you!“

of Kinderdance! My daughter Claire just finished her third year in the program and adores dancing. The instructor did a great job not only making class fun but also providing exposure to so many types of dance and movement. One of the reasons we chose EduKids over a different center was because Claire wanted to continue in this program. Thank you again and we look forward to more dancing this summer!“

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