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1. CLASS ATTIRE: New students will receive a free logoed T-shirt. Kinderdancers may wear dance T-shirt with leggings or a traditional leotard and tights to class. Kindertots and Kindergym students will also receive logoed T-shirts to wear to class and year end demonstrations. Children in K-tots, and K-gym classes should wear loose comfortable clothing (preferably not dresses) for ease of movement, and sneakers.
*Kinderdancers will need ballet and tap shoes as well.

2. Your child’s MONTHLY tuition is due on the first (1st) of each month. Semester payments are due on the 1st of September, December, and March. You will receive addressed payment envelopes to use after registering your child. Session payment envelopes will arrive in November. A $10.00 late fee after the 10th will be added to you account. Annual payments are due by September 30th.

3. Please write out your child’s name (if surname is different than account holder, please make note) on the check or money order made out to: Kindermotion or Kinderdance. Return tuition in the envelope provided and drop it into drop box at your child’s daycare or mail to our office: KINDERMOTION, 39 Berryman Dr., Amherst, NY 14226.

4. If for some reason your child’s teacher, or a substitute, cannot teach class–and the class is cancelled, then a day and time will be set up as a makeup class, or make-up classes will be in June.

5. If your child is unable to attend the class due to sickness, travel, etc. the class cannot be made up. There will be extra classes in June in most schools at no charge, if necessary.

6. We will honor the following holidays with no class taught: Nov. 28-29, Dec. 23-Jan. 2, and one week in February and/or April–please check with your specific district’s Spring Break dates. There are enough months that contain 5 classes to make up for the months that have a holiday. Students are guaranteed to have 34 classes, September-June.

7. There will be a $25.00 service charge on all returned checks.

8. If for any reason your child is to discontinue class, you must notify us PRIOR TO THE FIRST (1ST) OF THE MONTH. Your child is registered through June 2020

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